What It Should Mean To Be A REALTOR

When a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, and his broker, belong to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), and his local and state societies, he is entitled to use the designation, Realtor. One of the essential aspects of this association, as well as a responsibility and necessity of belonging, is believing in, and consistently complying with, and being directed, by the Code of Ethics. However, since ethics, and ethical behavior, are often difficult to explain and pinpoint precisely, and different people might have slightly different definitions, this brief article will seek to address, using the mnemonic approach, what it should mean, for someone to be a REALTOR.

1. Realistic; responsive: It is the primary responsibility of a Realtor, to realistically explain to his clients and customers, what I have trademarked as my personal policy, which is, I will always tell you what you need to know, not just what you want to hear (TM). One must proceed, as best as possible, to consistently be responsive to the needs, concerns, and priorities of his clients!

2. Ethics; empathy: Ethics should be far more than a concept, or some code, which you pledge to obey and conform to! It must be a pledge to maintain absolute integrity, even when it might be easier, more convenient, or more expedient, to take a shortcut! Remember, proper representation must focus on addressing what others need, and are concerned about, maintaining the highest level of empathy!

3. Attitude; aptitude; attention: Many states require a certain amount of continuing education, but the better approach, is to do so, with the intention of enhancing your knowledge and aptitude, rather than merely complying to a requirement. Maintain a positive, can – do attitude, based on creating solutions, which best serve your clients! Pay attention to details, and be prepared!

4. Learning: Will you commit to constantly learn, in a relevant, focused, manner, which will best serve your clients needs, concerns and priorities? Quality learning should be an essential component of being a responsible real estate professional!

5. Trends; techniques: Learn, know, understand, recognize and use the latest trends, which might add value to your representation! Don’t just learn or go through the motions, but develop the finest, most relevant techniques!

6. Options; opportunities: There is almost always, more than one approach, or alternative, to getting the finest response! Be prepared for opportunities, which may present themselves!

7. Rational; real estate: Is your approach to real estate, the most rational, effective, service – oriented manner? Will you commit to this approach?

If you want to be the best real estate agent, you can possibly be, follow these keys to being a quality REALTOR? Are you up to the task?

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